The Fuhrer Speaks !

“I, we, will accept nothing less than the unconditional surrender of those who have proven to be our worst enemy.” -Aria Blue

Go girl !

“This is the beginning of the end of forced transsexual inclusion in the crumbling GLBT.”- Aria Blue

Wait, I forgot , you claim to be “TS” . I’m sorry hun but I’m gonna have to see that for myself . Hate to doubt you but . . . . . I doubt you. Till you do NOBODY but your Taliban fanatics buying it. Sorry. I’ve just seen too much to take any of the “girls” word. And you sure don’t speak for my HUGE LIST of TS friends. Nope ,yah don’t.

Ok, lets let catkisser have the last word 🙂

“I simply state “I am a woman” and they react with naked, insane, psychopathic hatred.” – Catherine Platine

Sigh , you always leave out the parts like calling them “men in drag “and “transvestites ” ! And Cat , you are not a “a sixty year old, heavy set and physically disable woman” . You are a crazy , nasty person who uses anything she can as an excuse to harass. The one group I was on you lasted a day. That was a record ! Everyday, I worry about your cats.

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