So, why do a blog like this ?

Yes , why bend  and stoop to this kind of low tit for tat response ? For years since my transition I have had to listen to these disgusting hypocrites rag on other transwomen.  After all the rants about how they are “passible” , attacking other women’s looks demeanor and questioning everything they say as being a male signifier.  It is only the truth that sets us free.  Most of these people are intersexed, not transsexual at all. Their goal, to destroy the gains that transsexuals have made and to crush them with their genetics. You would think that having a genetic answer would free you but instead they turn like the Jews in German concentration camps that sold out for more privileges.It is the most heinous kind of betrayal, a betrayal from within. I felt you should see them in context  of who they really are.

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