“I swear a cloud of testosterone wafted from the screen with each new post.”

I dedicate this blog to the deluded trans who think that they stand apart from the whole community. Who call anyone transgendered “fetishistic transvestites” . Anonymous T Girl , joanne , lisalee18wheeler , Zoë Suzanna , Aria ,cassandraspeaks , catkisser , Sibyl , Leigh . . . misty eyed followers all yet they hide in the dark . Why you ask ? Is it not a simple matter of producing the evidence that their womanhood wilts the muscle bound , gravel voiced transgender ? Apparently no, their cult requires “stealth ” for stealth alone is what a real woman or CT (Classic Transsexual ) desires. To be fully assimilated to where no trace of her malformed past appears. Well, that is until you must rise up and scream :

” I am a woman, these are not women they are all transvestites !”

What ? You assume they gained these extraordinary detective skills through research ? No ! Through experience ? Of course not ! Through simple deduction and instinct as all women have ? Yes , they are stereotypes of the women they admire , hurtful , without reason or logic but wait , you must see how that fits in perfectly with being women. For it is their illusion of what they believe women to be that is apparent. Illogical , cliquish and shallow , judging entirely by looks and heresay. That is what women are to them ! Gossiping , shallow skanks that look to weed out the weaker members of the herd and dine on them to make them feel superior ?

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